At Biotechware, Ariana’s learning speed served as the yardstick for software suitability, and her Italian was tested by setting up the company’s website
EECS major Ariana Eisenstein with Biotechware CEO and president Alessandro Sappia at the POLITO Innovative Enterprise Incubator (I3P)


Working closely with Biotechware founder and engineers, MIT sophomore Ariana Eisenstein helped bringing CardioPad– a portable device for  professional recording of electrocardiograms (ECG), especially designed for use in pharmacies—closer to market.  Interacting with Biotechware’s reporting service, allowing online access to ECG recordings and medical reports, the CardioPad will give patients access to medical analysis by qualified cardiologist from pharmacies and eventually from homes.


Ariana had one large project and two smaller projects. The large project was to extend the Cardiopad’s internal library to use the Huffman Encoding to compress and decompress the test data.  Within this project, she developed the code, tested the new library, and wrote documentation for the code and tests. The smaller projects were to make a presentation on GIT, a version control code sharing service, and edit the English portions of Biotechware’s website.  After Ariana’s own quick learning GIT convinced Biotechware to adopt it as its method of version control, she found it, ”a surprise to be pitching a software to the company as a whole.”  That done, she worked on implementing a Huffman Encoder and Decoder with lossless data compression, coding and creating unit tests for all functions that she added or modified in the CardioPad library. When the application passed all the tests she had created, Ariana moved to writing the documentation for the code and tests she had written—another new task she had never done before.

While this was lots of work—much of which new—Ariana enjoyed it. “Working in a small company meant I was able to talk to my coworkers often and felt comfortable asking for help or assistance. This created a really great work environment, and I definitely want to work in more startup like companies in the future."

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