Yinfu Chen went to Germany with the goal of improving her language skills, but returned with a deeper understanding of herself
Yinfu testing out the waters in her new home

Human Machine Interactions

During her summer at Bosch, Yinfu worked with the Human Machine Interactions group (sub-group of Automotive Entertainment Systems) of Corporate Research.  She worked with incredibly intelligent co-workers who constantly encouraged her to practice her German.

Yinfu's main project was to research hand gesture recognition using low-cost infrared sensors.  The goal of this work is to improve gesture control in automobiles. The work included everything from literature research on recognition algorithms to implementing an algorithm to test existing data, to collecting sensor data for better understanding and prediction of hand motion.  She did not expect amount of responsibility and flexibility she received, both working on the gesture recognition project and to work on a side project dealing with voice recognition.

Valuable insight

While her MIT education helped her in problem solving and implementing algorithms independently, working at Bosch provided Yinfu with an valuable insight to researching and working at a multinational corporation.  She also learned to write detailed reports on her work, which is a skill she hopes to apply to her thesis writing.  This internship experience  also helped Yinfu realize that her original plan to work at an international company needs to be reevaluated, because though she gained valuable skills and friendships, living abroad by herself is harder than she imagined.


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