Founded at MIT in 2004, Middle East Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow (MEET) harnesses the power of technology to educate and empower tomorrow's most promising Palestinian and Israeli leaders to take action towards creating positive economic, political, and social impact in the Middle East.

Want to gain a unique teaching and leadership experience? Share the excitement of computer programming with excelling high school students? Mentor tomorrow's most promising Israeli and Palestinian young leaders?

Open to students with:

  • Some teaching ability
  • Strong teamwork capabilities
  • For computer science instructors, opportunities are available for students with knowledge of Python programming fundamentals, as well as advanced topics like web development, software design, and project management
  • For entrepreneurship instructors, applicants should have formal exposure to business and marketing fundamentals, with real world experience at a job or internship strongly preferred

To discover the opportunity, requirements and how to apply, visit or hear directly from past instructors:


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