Headshot of Adriana Rivera Socarras with the Dome of the Rock, an Islamic shrine with a gold dome, in Jerusalem, in the background

Adriana's Story

Adriana Rivera Socarrás '25, and finance major, delve into a comparative analysis project at the Research and Information Department of the Knesset during her summer internship in 2022.

"My main project was conducting a comparative analysis in how different countries create models for financing their education systems. I was fully in charge of this research, all the way from gathering information to collecting country specific data. This paper will be translated to Hebrew and published for the Ministry of Education to take into consideration for future policy. The skill that helped me most was definitely the research skills I developed thanks to my CI-HW. Another skill that I developed at MIT that helped me was networking skills and open communication to make sure I was contributing the way they wanted me to. [I learned] how to spot bias in my writing and how to prevent it. Working in policy writing has been challenging because of that, and my mentor guided and aided me in bettering that skill. Another skill was overall how to be more independent and take care of myself while living alone."

  • Adriana Rivera Socarrás posing on the cobbled-stone streets of Jaffa, Israel, in a corner of a yellow-stoned building in front of a blue archway door
"I wanted to do something research oriented this summer and that is exactly what I got (which I’m extremely grateful for). It sparked my interest for a deeper consideration of a career in the public sector, which I didn’t know if I would have liked but I ended up liking it."
Adriana Rivera Socarrás '25
Major & Class Year
Finance '25
Jerusalem, Israel
MISTI Program
The Knesset

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