Yajvan Ravan and three other MIT MISTI student in a snorkel masks on Coral Beach in Israel

Yajvan's Story

Yajvan Ravan '25 and EECS major worked with a team in Tel Aviv, Israel, to build a digital tool that developers can use to analyze habits and improve productivity in the workplace.

"I did research on the most popular work tools and their usage/importance across various industries. I also created a Google Chrome and Calendar extension that was able to monitor and analyze user browsing and planning habits and deliver feedback to improve productivity. This prototype served as the starting point for V2 of Hour25.AI's product. The coding skills that I developed in the CS courses that I took were essential. Furthermore, the problem-solving and research skills that I developed in all my classes, including HASS, allowed me to find resources and figure out my project with minimal guidance, since no one at the company had done anything similar before. I learned ways to brainstorm and assess novel ideas for projects. I learned how to organize and develop a project from ideation to research to testing and eventually presentation. I also learned how to communicate well with different types of people across a company, from the CEO to a product manager."

  • Yajvan Ravan in a red cap with his arms around two other MIT students in the Dead Sea
"I would tell them [students considering doing a MISTI] that they should definitely do it, since they won't regret it. There's very few opportunities in your life to travel like this, especially with a ton of your peers, and you should take advantage of it. You'll learn a lot about yourself and develop a life skills, technical skills, and people skills that would be hard to develop without such an experience."
Yajvan Ravan '25
Yajvan Ravan standing in the middle of two other MIT students on top of Masada fortress in Israel, overlooking the Dead Sea and looking out at the sunrise in the horizon
Major & Class Year
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science '25
Tel Aviv, Israel
MISTI Program

Peniel's Story