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Alex's Story

Alex interned with Konfio,a Mexican fintech start-up specialized in providing credit and financing to entrepreneurs through a variety of web apps. He worked on a variety of projects to synthesize, organize, and analyze information. The largest project focused on providing a market analysis and sizing to determine the validity of developing a new product. "This was a super, super valuable experience for me. Not only do I feel as though I grew professionally through applying what I’ve learned at MIT in a new setting and by learning more about new technologies and tools in an unfamiliar industry, but I feel as though I grew personally since this was my first professional experience. Additionally, by working for a Mexican firm, I learned a lot about different mindsets and learning styles that I have not been exposed to at MIT."

“Konfio is a fantastic place to intern at. Both the culture and the people of the firm are very success driven, collaborative, and fun. I definitely recommend it to any MIT students looking to grow professionally and personally.”
Alex Homma, Computer Science, Economics and Data Science - Course 6.15, Class of 2022

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