Group of MIT-Mexico students at local festival

Anne's Story

During the summer, I worked with their engagement division to develop their teacher mobilization program and their research division to conduct spatial analysis of school supervision zones. The purpose of the mobilization department was to “activate,” or mobilize, different education stakeholders to participate in the public policy cycle as agents of change. During my work with the division, I focused primarily on teachers, writing a literature review of similar programs in the United States and offering recommendations on how they could empower and educate teachers. I also reviewed previous engagement efforts they had conducted to create an internal repository of strategies and techniques. 

Anne with coworkers in a library
“MISTI Mexico was an incredibly valuable experience because it not only helped me to refocus and reframe my academic priorities but also to step outside of my comfort zone linguistically, culturally, and socially. I was able to further develop skills that I may not have otherwise had the opportunity to do so, as well as build my confidence in Spanish. I learned how much I value community and relationships, and the importance of humility and humor to overcoming linguistic barriers.
I truly loved being in Mexico City, and hope to find a way to return to work there after graduation.”
Anne Calef, Urban Studies & Planning - Course 11, Class of 2020
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Keith's Story