Aniesha Dyce pointing her fingers to a cowboy hat she's wearing in a fair in Mexico. Colourful tents in the fair in the background

Aniesha's Story

Aniesha Dyce, mechE major, applied what she learned in her classes to help produce a complete generator prototype that was ready to be tested.

"The purpose [of the internship] was to develop a Liquid Metal Magnetohydrodynamic Generator. I CADed different designs in Solidworks while collaborating with my director. Once a design was finalized I 3D printed it. By the end of my internship I produced a complete generator prototype that was ready to be tested.

I used the skills I learned in 2.00A and the knowledge learned in 8.02. In 2.00A I learned how to do 3D designs and how to use a 3D printer. In 8.02 I learned the principles of electromagnetic induction, which was how the generator functioned.

They provided a supportive community that was very welcoming.

  • A selfie of Aniesha Dyce with a lush green background and a Cascada El Chuveje waterfall in Mexico
This experience made me more confident in my decision to become a mechanical engineer. It is a great opportunity to learn about another culture and enhance your language skills. There is so much to see around the world and when given the chance you should explore.
Aniesha Dyce '25
Aniesha Dyce on horseback in Tequisquiapan, Mexico with a background of a cloudy sky and of farmlands
Major & Class Year
MechE '25
Queretaro, Mexico
MISTI Program
Headshot of Maximiliano Ramirez on a cloudy day with Teotihuacan and other tourists in the background

Maximiliano's Story