Headshot of Maximiliano Ramirez on a cloudy day with Teotihuacan and other tourists in the background

Maximiliano's Story

Maximiliano Ramirez worked with a team based in Mexico to develop a bioplastic from primarily mango peels and seeds. He also collaborated with a professor to record and analyze data from the university's solar cell grid.

Together with my bioplastic team, we were able to produce a series of different bioplastics that all utilized mango discards, and began to run different tests to observe the viability of each iteration of biopolymer to substitute in commercial products. Under my solar cell project, I was able to record information received from the solar cells and produced code in python to interpret and predict future data, which can help the university become more reliant on sustainable solar energy.

The most important skill that I developed at MIT and utilized in my project was my ability to collaborate with others. With my team working in bioplastic development, we were able to work together effectively and communicate constructively to reach our end goal. Additionally, I was able to use my knowledge of python, which I had developed at MIT, to further my solar cell research.

The main skills that I developed during my stay were proper lab etiquette and how to run and record proper lab trials.

  • Maximiliano Ramirez taking a selfie with two other MIT students behind him sitting on a rectangular table with food and drinks on it
I think this experience really helped me learn what working in a lab would be like. Before this, I was really confused about what kind of occupation I wanted to pursue, but I think this really helped me see what I liked and didn't like about a project like this one.
Maximiliano Ramirez, '25
Close up of Maximiliano Ramirez using one hand to hold a glass stirring rod that's in a glass beaker. A window with blinds and dark grey walls in the background
Major & Class Year
Chemical Engineering '25
Aguascalientes, Mexico
MISTI Program
Universidad Panamericana
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Daisy's Story