Aquila Simmons sitting with hands crossed smiling, looking away from the camera. Sitting on the ground with bald trees in the background and the Swiss Alps in a distance

Aquila's Story

Aquila Simmons '23, mechanical engineering and theater arts major did a study abroad program in ETH Zurich in the mechanical engineering program. 

"[I took classes like] Materials for Mechanical Engineers, Energy Systems and Power Engineering, Macromolecular Engineering: Networks and Gels, Biofluiddynamics, and Computational Methods for Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer Problems. MIT prepared me by giving me a mindset of getting things done. I was never overwhelmed by work or concerned about my ability to meet the expectations of my classes. Additionally, I took the opportunity to travel all around Switzerland and Europe and engage with the world around me as MIT has taught me to do. I became much more independent and certainly improved my ability to problem solve. The other students at ETH had very different views of the world and it was very interesting getting to talk to them about how they see different issues." 

  • Mid shot of Aquila Simmons standing by a fence with the city of Bern, Switzerland, in the background with bald trees
There is no equivalent exposure to the world quite like going out and living somewhere new, in a different country, with different people, with different perspectives to share. ETH is a great school and a fantastic academic opportunity. I learned that I am more resilient and more capable than I knew and that I love meeting new people and trying to understand how they see the world.
Aquila Simmons '23
Aquila Simmons with her back to the camera, leaning to her side on a column of a pavilion overlooking the town of Thun with a birds eye view of the town
Major & Class Year
Mechanical Engineering & Theater Arts '23
Zurich, Switzerland
MISTI Program
Study Abroad
ETH Zurich

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