Ava walking in Copenhagen

An extended internship and an enriched experience in Denmark

Ava joined Novo Nordisk's Alternative Delivery Technology team in Fall 2022, for an internship working to address the questions "how can we improve the drug delivery experience for our patients?" and "how might we enable delivery of cutting-edge drugs for future treatments?" Ava ended up extending her internship into Spring 2023, and has in July 2023, accepted a chance to stay on at Novo Nordisk as a full-time engineer. 

  • Ava introducing American Thanksgiving to 15 European friends
  • Ava and friends on a hiking trip in Sweden

Thanks to her extended stay, Ava had the chance to form a number of friendships, both at work and outside of it. She introduced European friends to American Thanksgiving, and enjoyed getaways to other parts of Scandinavia. 

Ava also found success in her internship at Novo Nordisk.

"Due to my extended internship, I was able to contribute to several projects, but have two highlights. I owned the exploratory adaptation of a device to try to deliver 14x the drug load, from design through ex vivo testing. Lately, I have been preparing to pitch a new project idea to management that would enable the delivery of drugs with certain properties that cannot be delivered by current marketed products."
  • Ava jumping on a trampoline
  • Ava and a friend on a tall bench on Copenhagen harborfront
  • Ava at Acroyoga

"I have accepted the chance to stay with my team for another seven months as a full-time engineer. I don’t know how long I will stay in Denmark, but I do know, between my social connections, quality of life, and my caring colleagues, the life I have been building here will be a hard one to leave when the time does come."

Major & Class Year
Mechanical Engineering, 2022
Copenhagen, Denmark
MISTI Program
Novo Nordisk

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