Hector with his bike

Wind energy, basketball and new experiences in Denmark

In his internship with the Wind Research Center and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU Wind), Hector collaborated with senior researchers developing computer models that perform wind farm optimizations.

  • Hector playing basketball
  • Hector in front of a fountain

"Through sports parks, museums, beaches or live music festivals, I met people from various walks of life and discovered Copenhagen in its entirety."

"Living and working in Denmark has not only allowed me to grow as the wind energy expert I am learning to be. It has also increased my awareness about the importance of a good work life balance and urged me to place collaboration at the heart of all my future professional projects."
  • Hector posing by Nyhavn
  • Hector biking 2

"If you feel unsure about your ability to navigate a whole new country by yourself, try it! I promise you will have no regrets. And know that the person writing this was in your shoes once."

Major & Class Year
Mechanical Engineering, 2025
Lyngby, Denmark
MISTI Program
DTU Wind

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