Branden Spitzer in a lab coat working behind a bioreactor at Mzansi Meat Co. with a birds-eye view of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa

Branden's Story

Branden Spitzer '23 interned with Mzansi Meat Co., a company that performs research and development related to creating lab-grown meat product.

I performed research for experimental setup of media and scaffold experiments. [I also] conducted an FMEA risk analysis for a Design of Experiment setup. Observed day-to-day lab operations of cell maintenance. My materials science background was critical to the understanding of cell scaffolds that I brought to the team. My prior lab work allowed me to understand and evaluate proposed experimental setups and easily grasp the work already being done in the lab at the company. I learned a lot about cell culture techniques and the pieces of the puzzle in creating lab-grown meat. My coworkers were great! They were very friendly and helpful and were excited to expose me to South African culture. Peers in South Africa seemed to be friendly but not the most inviting." 

  • Branden Spitzer pictured behind a giant yellow frame that says Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa on the top of the frame with the the city scape in the background
"I am even more open to a career in an international country. It opened my eyes up to the landscapes of innovation that exist in different countries and how they are supported or challenged by their locale."
Branden Spitzer '23
Brandon Spitzer sitting far left in a black shirt and brown pants with seven other MISTI students on a tarp on top of Signal Hill in Cape Town, South Africa during sunset with many other groups of people in the background
Major & Class Year
Materials Science and Engineering focused in Biology '23
Cape Town, South Africa
MISTI Program
Mzansi Meat Co.

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