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Bryan's Story

Bryan Wong interned at the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) in their nanopharmaceuticals division, working with Liquid Nanoparticules (LNPs)—the same technology used in Covid-19 vaccines.

CPI bridges gap the between academia and commercial products. CPI uses their scientific equipment, expertise, and people in the fields of pharmaceuticals, electronics, materials, etc. to bring products to market. I worked in the nanopharmaceutical division, specifically working with Lipid Nanoparticles (LNPs), the technology used in the COVID-19 vaccines.

My role was to plan and perform small scale experiments to improve CPI’s capability in the LNP field by creating and testing different formulations. I spent a lot of time in the lab, teaming up with my supervisor and other members in the lab. I also worked in the office to plan experiments, research, and analyze data that we collected.

The best thing about the internship was getting to meet such a diverse group of people. I was definitely surprised to learn that CPI is not only a LNP or pharmaceutical company, but also works in so many different fields which meant anyone I talked to in the office had unique interests and skills. This was extremely useful as it meant there was usually someone that was an expert somehow when we were stumped on a question, but it was also extremely fun as a scientist talking to such varied and unique people. 

My supervisor was very involved, enthusiastic about my growth, and always fun to work around.

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Participating in MIT-UK was truly magical. For a whole summer I was able to live in a country, work at a company, and meet people that I never would have had the chance to do otherwise. I was able to learn so much about actually being in a workplace, about the people and country, and about myself. This experience was challenging, exciting, informative, and very importantly, fun!
Bryan Wong '24
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Major & Class Year
Biological Engineering '24
County Durham, United Kingdom
MISTI Program
CPI - Centre for Process Innovation

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