Diego Barros taking a selfie with his parents at the back on a boat and a background of trees and two men standing in a boat behind them

Diego's Story

Diego Barros interned in Mexico and was in charge of creating a digital steering system with his team at Instituto Politécnico Nacional—which was creating a series of electric vehicles to be put on the market.

I learned how to use an STM microcontroller to effectively create a digital differential for the electric vehicle we were making. I also assisted in the designing and machining of the chasis and steering mechanism. I hadn’t learned how to code microcontrollers at MIT, but I was able to apply my knowledge of design, CAD, and structures to the design and manufacture of the vehicle. I learned how to program hardware which is something I’d never gotten much experience in. I really appreciate the opportunity to do so as it will be very helpful with my interests in robotics. 

  • Diego Barros in the middle of 5 other people from Instituto Politécnico Nacional standing behind a table with a computer showing a vehicle with two wheels with a background of tall dark brown shelves.
I learned that I am able to make choices that lead to positive outcomes in every aspect of my life. I feel like I am approaching problems and goals with a more positive mindset, and I’ve become a better listener in many regards.
Diego Barros, '25
Diego Barros pictured at the front of a long rectangular table with 10 other students with drinks on the table
Major & Class Year
MechE and EECS '25
Mexico City, Mexico
MISTI Program
Instituto Politécnico Nacional
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