Lainie Beauchemin standing by a grey-black shaped art piece at the one of the Milano Design Week exhibits

Lainie's Story

During the summer after Lainie Beauchemin '22 graduated, she went to Milan, Italy, to work for Elica, a biotech investment research company which specializes in long-term biotechnology investments.

"I targeted several CNS disease areas and researched companies with late-stage clinical developments to look for good investment candidates. I explored Huntington's disease, Epilepsy, ALS, Alzheimer's, and depression, researching an average of 10 companies per disease and completing comparative drug analyses to determine which companies have the highest probability of success. I also completed a few case studies and made recommendations for two companies which led to actual investments (and eliminated several other companies as investment candidates, which is also useful). Critically reading papers, using statistics principles to interpret data, and employing biotechnology literacy were all essential to my job and skills which I developed at MIT. I also became familiar with a wide range of upcoming technologies in the biotech sector and a range of diseases. I think my business trip to Zurich was the most memorable thing I experienced, where I got to meet with the CEO of a cutting-edge biotech company."

  • Lainie Beauchemin jumping with her hands up, 2nd to the right with five other MIT students who were in shorts and 2 in caps on a hot sunny day in Pompeii
"I learned that I can adapt to new situations, that I can learn new things, and that if I want to learn a language I have to really push myself outside of my comfort zone."
Lainie Beauchemin '22
Major & Class Year
Biological Engineering '22
Milan, Italy
MISTI Program

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