A selfie of Negin Amouei and a giraffe behind a railing to the right, being fed by other tourist

Negin's Story

With an interest in healthcare, Negin Amouei '23 worked with Nishant Das, the lead of the Somali-based Response Innovation Lab (operating remotely out of Nairobi, Kenya).

"I worked on a variety of projects related to improving the health of Somalis. The majority of my internship revolved around working with the founders of two Somali healthcare startups, OGOW Health and Hello Caafi, to scale their solutions in a sustainable manner. My internship will conclude with a case study that I will write on OGOW Health. Although not related to the Response Innovation Lab, I also helped create educational tools for virtual training courses for East African healthcare workers offered by the Palliative Care for Humanitarian Aid Situations and Emergencies organization.

Previous coursework I have taken in international development, anthropology, etc. were directly useful as I worked on my deliverables during my internship. My experiences outside the classroom—research, leadership, etc.— also helped me navigate a new work environment and allowed me to be more self-sufficient while also remembering to take initiative, skills which are crucial in a remote-work setup. Overall, the analytical, evidence-based, mission-driven mindset I have developed at MIT helped me make the most of my experience working abroad this summer!"

  • Negin Amouei, Lulu Tian, and another friend sitting by a table with Kenyan food served outdoors with trees in the background
"This experience helped me refine my career goals and helped me understand what I want from my future workplace and team. I’m also glad my internship leaned a bit more on the social impact side (as opposed to STEM) because it has provided me with a really rich view on how innovation and science and technology can be leveraged to make meaningful changes in the world."
Negin Amouei '23
Negin Amouei in the middle of a selfie with Aashini Shah on the right and to the left a local guide at the coffee farm sitting down under a canopy overlooking the coffee farms with lush green trees
Major & Class Year
Biology '23
Nairobi, Kenya
MISTI Program
The Response Innovation Lab

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