Sierra Green Headshot with the castle in Segovia in Spain in the background during a cloudy day

Sierra's Story

Sierra Green worked in the Sustainable Metallurgy group at IMDEA materials, where she helped on a project testing 3D printed lattice structures—to build lighter and more fuel efficient airplanes.

"I printed 3 types of inconel lattice structures and its tensile strength at different heat treatments and temperatures. I also learned how to image my results using SEM, TEM, and x-ray diffraction. With these contributions, I was able to help two graduate students, Shruti Banait and Ignacho Rodriguez, on their doctoral theses, and attend a conference on additive manufacturing hosted by READI Barcelona (in Spanish!). I was able to directly apply the knowledge I learned in my mechanics of materials class in this internship. It was really interesting to see microstructural phenomena such as twin boundaries, the hall petch effect, and strain hardening that I had learned about in class in real life in the SEM! I learned how to operate both a 3D printer and the SEM, which are key tools for metallurgy. I also gained a lot of confidence through this experience in working with my own projects and samples."

  • Sierra Greene smiling at the camera while leaning on a railing of the bell tower overlooking La Alhambra in Granada
MISTI showed me that I definitely want to get my PhD! I spent my summer learning about different types of graduate research, and getting to work on some of the projects and it has inspired me to want to pursue this in the future.
Sierra Green ' 24, Material Science and Music
Sierra Greene with sunglasses on, sitting on top of a fortress with Monte Urgull in the background
Major & Class Year
Material Science '24
Madrid, Spain
MISTI Program
IMDEA Materials
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Santiago's Story