Emma Suh in a high-angle selfie with two other MIT students in front of the Duomo di Milano

Emma's Story

Emma Suh '23 worked on a project in Milan, Italy, over the summer of 2022. It was aimed at studying and "reverse engineering" a cultural heritage garment from the Gianfranco Ferré archive to find innovative ways to recode and re-materialize it through additive manufacturing technologies.

"I did research in 3D printing textiles and found methods of reverse engineering and rematerializing a pret-a-porter jacket from Gianfranco Ferré fashion line. I was able to product test prints of parts of the jacket, experimented with 3D scanning to obtain a digital copy of it, and recreated it completely in CAD. I was able to use my knowledge of 3D printing and CAD and apply it to a field that was completely new to me. My manufacturing and project classes allowed me to organize my task so that I could efficiently complete my project. I learned a lot about the world of fashion and where culture and design meets engineering. I learned about 3D scanning and became proficient in Blender and Clo3D. I know that I want to be able to travel in my future career and work in a field that combines creative design and sustainable engineering."

  • Emma Suh in a jumping shot along with 5 other MIT students in Pompeii
It's such an amazing experience if you are looking to see the world. Working abroad also gave me a better idea of how different advancements in my field are perceived and just a more worldly view of engineering and design. I will definitely be taking advantage of MISTI again.
Emma Suh '23
Major & Class Year
Mechanical Engineering '23
Milan, Italy
MISTI Program
Politecnico di Milano

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