Jonathan Berger standing to the right of a optibus logo decal against a white wall with a brown wooden-table top to the left with a monitor and chair to the left of the picture

Jonathan's Story

Jonathan Berger '24 interned at Optibus, based in Tel Aviv, Israel and had the opportunity to lead the business operations team on his project during the summer of 2022. 

"As an intern, I led the business operations team in acquiring and configuring a new software integration tool for Salesforce and Jira. In addition, I employed Excel & Salesforce data validation tools to create reports for managers to analyze corporate performance. The most important skill that I developed at MIT that aided me in my internship was my knowledge of Excel. Learning these skills primarily in 15.401 gave me a strong foundation for the summer, and allowed me to complete most of my intern workload without struggling. In addition to Excel, my past UROP experience and role within the Sports Summit prepared me to work in a professional environment while staying organized. During my internship I became proficient in using Salesforce, a major tool used within several work environments. In addition, I advanced my Excel and analytic skills through creating detailed reports."

  • Jonathan Berger standing far left with five other MIT students standing in the shallow pool, the water reaching their ankles, of Ein Gedi Waterfall in Israel, the waterfall streaming down in the background
"This experience augmented my career goals by giving me my first taste of working a 9-5 job in which I had real responsibility. Learning how to handle daily tasks and work within my team is probably the most important skills that I developed all summer that I can apply to future work experiences."
Jonathan Berger '24
Major & Class Year
Management '24
Tel Aviv, Israel
MISTI Program

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