Diego Yanez-Laguna standing inside the Atrium of St. Peters Basilica with red-brown round columns and an arch ceiling with a Baroque-style design

Diego's Internship in Milan

Diego Yanez-Laguna '23 interned with Politecnico di Milano exploring ways to design for the metaverse in relation to architecture and the natural built environment. 

"I created a webapp that will form the framework for future installations done by the lab. Main feature is rendering in the browser and displaying material textures while being able to respond to user inputs and interaction. Also, began developing a library of textures that were generated with AI models and combined to morph between different textures. Also, helped set up accounts for the lab to list and sell NFTs and created their first NFT. Finally, I also created animated gifs of a set of old Ex Libris postcards. 

I used coding for editing the AI models (python) and also for creating the interactive webapp (HTML/CSS/JavaScript). The ML/AI class I took last semester (4.s00) helped me when using/editing the generative models. I also did a lot of CADing which I have learned/practiced in various classes and was easily able to pick up a new rendering program, Blender.

I gained more experience working with AI/ML, learned how to use Blender, learned how to use AfterEffects, learned how to make and sell NFTs. Through talks and presentations given at the lab I was exposed to lots of interesting topics such as 3D printing with organic materials (mycelium and coffee beans) and sonic pollution."

  • Diego Yanez-Laguna pictured with four other MIT students in a selfie with the front Duomo di Milano
"This was a really good experience that allowed me to experience a different culture both in terms of lifestyle and academic culture, specifically in design and architecture field."
Diego Yanez-Laguna '23
Diego Yanez-Laguna standing on a octogonal floor mosaic with a bull reared up on its hind legs in the Galleria Vittotio Emanuele Ii in Milan.
Major & Class Year
Art & Design '23
Milan, Italy
MISTI Program
Politecnico di Milano

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