Carlos's Story

Carlos Villa '25 interned in Mexico City at Universidad Panamericana. "The project aimed to develop new mechanisms to utilize alongside preexisting mechanisms for data collection with regards to gait analysis. The end goal was to harness this data to both classify gait phases in real time, as well as predict falls. This work was targeted for use in Parkinson’s patients."

"I found myself becoming part of all aspects of the project while I was there. I was in charge of data analytics for our collected data. Additionally, I helped in the development of our novel data collection mechanism on both the hardware and software side. I also laid the groundwork for machine learning classification of our data.

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“I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to live and work in Mexico this past summer. I able to connect with my culture in a new way and also a contribute to work I believe in”
Carlos Villa '25
Major & Class
EECS (6-2) & 2025
MISTI Program
Universidad Panamericana

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