More than an internship, MIT-CETI is a China project management training program.

MIT-China's Team Internship Initiative

Since 1996, the MIT China Educational Technology Initiative (CETI) has worked with students and faculty in China on science and engineering course content through online platforms such as OpenCourseWare, iLabs (Internet labs), and D-Lab (development labs).  These full summer workshops or “camps” now extend to 15 universities and high schools spanning Xining, Chengdu, Kunming, Yulin, Wuhan, Dalian, Fuzhou, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

New!!  Now accepting applications for the Summer 2016 STL-MISTI China Socially Responsible Real Estate Entrepreneurship and Urbanization Exchange Initiative, which will send two teams of CETI students to 6 Chinese universities for 6 weeks of activities on these and other current topics. Contact Sean Gilbert for further details. 

Additionally, CETI teams over the years have engaged in entrepreneurial activities:

While company and university research interns conclude their involvement with MISTI programs on the final day of work during the late summer, more than half of CETI students commit to the program for another year of program management activities as “Exec.”  This is an 18 month commitment from the time CETI interns are first accepted into the program in late December, which includes spring preparation meetings, summer internships at Chinese universities and high schools; the management of fall recruitment activities and intern selections, and the preparation of the next group of CETI interns until they depart to China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan in June each year.

See MIT-CETI 2014 Newsletter

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