Why Work with Us?

We partner with you to recruit and vet qualified candidates and match them with your organization and project. Drawing from 30 departments across 5 schools, we help you find the right student motivated by MIT’s culture of learning by doing, to solve hard problems and global challenges.


How It Works

Projects are designed to align with the needs of the host and the skills and interests of the student. Before departure, we provide events for cultural preparation and professional development for students. Upon return, students submit reflective reports and serve as ambassadors for the program and host.



Candidates apply, interview with MIT-India, submit materials, and tailor their applications.

Matching process, phone/virtual interviews [with hosts], internship placements are offered.

Students finalize details with hosts, preparation sessions on workplace and culture, logistical arrangements (visa, housing, airfare).


Host Expectations

Hosts are expected to provide a challenging project for students, and to oversee their progress throughout the internship. Student interns should be in contact with a peer mentor to facilitate professional development and intercultural exchange. The majority of hosts provide a stipend to cover internship costs.