40+ countries. Your life-changing opportunity.

MISTI experiences abroad are designed to be a global extension of students’ on-campus learning. We tailor our international internships and teaching opportunities to align with each individual student’s career goals—providing experiences that either directly leverage and extend their coursework and research in professional settings, or complement their studies by pushing them to teach, communicate, and grow in profound new ways.

Whether you’re working on a big data project in Spain or teaching hands-on STEM concepts to students in Africa, you’ll be gaining the kinds of skills you simply can’t learn sitting in a classroom.

Global Internships

Gain real-life work experience in leading companies and labs in more than 40 countries worldwide through fully funded professional and research placements.

Global Teaching Labs

Use MIT’s hands-on approach to learning to teach impactful STEM courses to high school students abroad.

Study Abroad

Experience intellectual growth and cultural awakening while earning transfer credits at universities around the world.

Global Classroom

MISTI Global Classrooms are short-term—usually 2- to 3-week—opportunities to learn abroad alongside MIT faculty.