Extending the MIT campus around the globe

Working abroad can be a life-changing experience. And in our complex, highly interconnected society, having an international perspective is not just professionally beneficial—it’s critically important. 

If you can see yourself joining a team of BMW engineers in Munich, studying nuclear engineering in Fukushima, harvesting fog in Santiago, or conducting research at a Structured Light Lab in Johannesburg, you’re ready to join MISTI.

MISTI Internships

Your internship abroad in a company or research lab can last 3–12 months, depending on the site. Most students go during the summer, but internships are available year-round. All MIT students—undergraduates, graduate students, and graduating students—are eligible, and opportunities are available in every major.

MISTI program managers will work closely with you to understand your educational focus and career aspirations, your language proficiency, where you want to travel—and the kind of impact you want to make.

Once you're matched with an internship at one the world's leading companies, universities, or research institutions, MISTI will work with you to ensure that all of the logistical (housing, travel) and administrative (visa, stipend) arrangements are made.

Internship requirements vary by organization, so please visit our program pages and requirements page for complete information.

For undergraduates, most MISTI countries require:

  • Letter of recommendation
  • Proficiency in the language of the host country (e.g., two years of university-level language courses or the equivalent)
  • One for-credit course on the culture, politics, or history of the host country
  • Good academic standing at MIT (4.0 or better)
  • Completion of pre-departure prep and training sessions

Though not required, UROP or relevant work/internship experience is also recommended.

For graduate students, the language and course prerequisites are recommended but not required, except for the MIT-Japan Program.

Please note that graduating students must be accepted into a MISTI program prior to graduation and must depart for their trip within 90 days of commencement.

Before your internship, you’ll attend MISTI Prep and Training sessions designed to help you make the most of your experience abroad.

MISTI Internships are designed to be cost-neutral, meaning your experience is being fully funded by generous MISTI donors, your host company, or a combination of both. Your airfare and housing are covered, and you’ll receive a stipend for living expenses.

Follow our Internships How to Apply Guide. Deadlines do vary by site. Please visit our program pages for complete timelines.