Experience your host culture as an informed, engaged citizen

MISTI wants to ensure that you have the biggest impact you can when you travel abroad for your internship, research position, teaching placement, and study abroad. That’s why we have designed country-specific Prep & Training sessions, which are required to help you engage with an international team, immerse yourself into your new surroundings, and embrace new perspectives while creating groundbreaking innovations.

The cultural preparation MISTI provides is your first step toward acquiring the tools and knowledge you need to provide technology leadership in any part of the world—qualities that every MIT graduate should have.


How does MISTI Prep & Training work?

Before your MISTI experience abroad, you are required to attend a series of training modules developed by MISTI staff. These country-specific sessions cover topics such as:

  • Travel and logistics
  • Intercultural communication
  • Workplace expectations
  • Values, norms, and behaviors
  • History, geopolitics, and religion
  • Health and safety

Some of these training sessions are also open to the larger MIT community. 

Explore the preparation and training for specific programs by country to learn more about these sessions, as well as other country-specific resources, such as suggested readings and links to videos and other online materials.


Preparation for MISTI study abroad placements

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If you’re participating in a MISTI study abroad program, be sure to check out our step-by-step checklists to help you prepare before your trip—and to wrap things up afterward.

Stay healthy

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MISTI is here to help you take precautions to stay healthy and safe while you’re abroad.


GlobeSmart Guides and Profiles

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Supplement MISTI Prep & Training with online tools to enhance your cross-cultural skills.