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Take part in MIT’s mission by engaging in hands-on research and practical problem-solving with our faculty as guides and mentors.

Whether it’s studying and learning from healthcare challenges in South Africa or India, or the sustainability problems in Italy or the Netherlands, you’ll expand your education while experiencing new cultures and learning what real-world impact means first hand.

Global Classroom

MISTI Global Classrooms are short-term—usually 2- to 3-week—opportunities to learn abroad alongside MIT faculty. Programs take place over IAP or in the summer and may be credit-bearing or non-credit-bearing. Some Global Classrooms focus on grand challenges such as climate, sustainability and health, while others explore culture and society. In all cases, the Global Classroom location is critical to the learning experience.

Requirements vary by program. Visit our application page for more information.



  • MISTI Global Classroom: South Africa
    • HST.434 Evolution of an Epidemic (OCT 16, 2023 DEADLINE) - Johannesburg, Durban and other areas of KwaZulu Natal South Africa 
      • Contact: Howard Heller (HHELLER1 [at]




  • MISTI Global Classroom: United Kingdom

Before your Global Classroom, you’ll attend MISTI Prep and Training sessions designed to help you make the most of your experience abroad.

Are you interested in starting a MISTI Global Classroom? Find more information here.

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