Your gateway to a world of opportunity and impact

MISTI programs are designed to give students the perspective they need to forge their futures as leaders in an interconnected world.

We’re here to help ensure a rich, rewarding experience abroad—from preparing for a transformative cultural experience to achieving your educational and career goals while making a real difference along the way.

Students on an internship site

Crafting your experience

What exactly is MISTI? What can you do? Where can you go? And how can you impact the world?


For many students, MISTI is a life-changing experience. If you’re ready to dive in, apply today and take your first step toward a transformative internship, immersive study abroad, or global research and teaching opportunities.

Funding & Cost

Nearly every MISTI student experience is designed to be cost-neutral. This means your experience is being fully funded by generous MISTI donors, your host company, or a combination of both. Most expenses—including airfare and stipends—are covered.

Get Going

Prepare to revolutionize who you are and what you will become. MISTI is here to assist you with all of the important steps of your journey—from pre-departure paperwork to staying safe abroad, and how to leverage your experiences after you’ve come home.

Preparation and Training

Experience your host country less like a visitor and more as an informed, engaged, and enthusiastic citizen. Learn about important culture and language courses, passport and visa requirements, and everything else you need to be ready for your program.

There and Back Again

Through MISTI, you’ll Iearn new perspectives, find new ways to problem solve, and discover new approaches to our increasingly interconnected global challenges. We want to help you maximize your impact both while you’re abroad and after you return home.