Unparalleled international opportunities, most fully funded

Most MISTI programs are cost neutral, thanks to our generous donors and host organizations - which means a professional or research placement is within your reach financially.

For internships, Global Classroom, and Global Teaching Labs, all essential expenses are covered, including airfare and housing, and you’ll receive a small stipend for meals and transportation.

For study abroad programs, you will pay either MIT tuition and the host university room and board OR the host university tuition, room, and board. Any financial aid you have will be applied to your study abroad program. Scholarships are also available.

Money Matters to Consider

  • How are you going to budget for your time abroad?
  • What are some money saving strategies that you use in the U.S.? Will you be able to utilize them during your time abroad?
  • Is the cost-of-living in the country you’ll be visiting higher than what you’re used to in the U.S.?
  • Are you planning on traveling to more than one country?
  • What preventative vaccinations or medications might you need?
  • Is the visa cost covered by MISTI?
  • What are the costs associated with keeping in touch with friends/family back home?
  • How much does it cost to travel and go out on weekends?
  • Do you need a credit card or debit card?
  • Consult with the MISTI program manager about what is covered by the program and what is not included.
  • Create a cost-of-living comparison.
  • Make a list of your expenses.
  • Plan ways to decrease your costs. Are there charges for withdrawing money and is there a way to avoid them? If you’re taking public transit regularly, are there monthly or student discounts?
  • Discuss any concerns about your budget with the MISTI program manager to see if there are alternative funding sources.