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MIT’s Global Teaching Labs (GTL) program recruits top MIT students who want to actively participate in the Institute’s experiential approach to learning. GTL challenges you to learn by teaching—synthesizing and presenting your knowledge, working in teams, and communicating with peers from different cultural backgrounds.

For three to four weeks each January, GTL participants travel abroad to teach science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) courses—and sometimes other topics including entrepreneurship and debate—to high school students. This high-impact program attracts several hundred highly accomplished candidates from across the Institute. Selected participants are trained about teaching materials, platforms and communication techniques, and introduced to the education system and culture of their host country.

Program requirements

  • Good academic standing (4.0 GPA minimum)
  • Submit a MISTI application and complete an interview
  • Participating students will be required to attend 5–6 training sessions in the fall.

Selection criteria

  • Knowledge of subject matter
  • Adaptability to different cultural norms and work and living arrangements
  • Ability to communicate and inspire about STEM concepts both in front of classroom and one-on-one
  • Ability to lead and manage a class as well as guide and mentor individuals
  • Passion and talent for hands-on teaching and learning
  • Interest in the host country
  • Fit with team/program
  • Language ability (necessary at some host schools)
  • Readiness to commit full time to host school and project during IAP

Before your GTL, you’ll attend MISTI Prep and Training sessions designed to help you make the most of your experience abroad. Program-wide sessions will cover teaching and communications strategies. Country-specific sessions will include health and safety, logistics and the culture of the host country.

MISTI programs are designed to be cost-neutral, meaning your experience is funded by generous MISTI donors, your host school, or a combination of both. All essential expenses are covered, including airfare and housing, and you’ll receive a small stipend for meals and transportation.

View the 2023 GTL info session here.

You can access more information about each Global Teaching Lab by clicking on the "Global Teaching Labs" tab available on each of the country program pages (links below).

*Please note programs denoted with an asterisk (*) have limited spots (less than 10 placements).


  • MIT-Africa Global Teaching Labs*:
    • Ghana Global Teaching Labs*: Math
    • South Africa Global Teaching Labs*: Math; EECS; Energy Studies; Management/Entrepreneurship; Various engineering
    • South Africa and Botswana Global Teaching Labs*: All STEM-related subjects, Group will travel
    • Ivory Coast Global Teaching Labs* (Pending Changes to State Department Travel Advisory): Math
    • Tunisia Global Teaching Labs*: Math
    • Morocco Global Teaching Labs*: Various engineering



  • MIT-Germany Global Teaching Labs: All STEM, with a focus on Chemistry and Bio. Opportunity to buddy with German student teachers in Germany, who will then come to MIT in Mar/Apr.
  • MIT-Italy Global Teaching Labs: All STEM-related subjects, with a focus on Physics, Earth Science, and Debate
  • MIT-Norway Global Teaching Labs*Math & Physics; Molecular Biology; Programming; Entrepreneurship and product design (3D printing skills helpful)
  • MIT-Eurasia Global Teaching Labs:
    • Armenia Global Teaching Labs: All STEM-related subjects; Design, Business/Entrepreneurship
    • Georgia Global Teaching Labs*All STEM-related subjects; Business/Entrepreneurship
    • Kazakhstan Global Teaching Labs*: All STEM-related subjects; Business/Entrepreneurship
  • MIT-Spain Global Teaching Labs: 
    • Spain Global Teaching Labs: All STEM-related subjects
    • Andorra Global Teaching Labs*: All STEM-related subjects
  • MIT-UK Global Teaching Labs:
    • England Global Teaching Labs*All STEM-related subjects
    • Scotland Global Teaching Labs*All STEM-related subjects
    • Wales Global Teaching Labs: All STEM-related subjects

Middle East

North America

South America

Program timeline

  • Application opens: September 1st
  • Application deadline: September 19th 
  • Sep-Oct: Applications reviewed and select students contacted for interview.
  • Nov–Dec: Students selected to participate will attend pre-departure trainings.
  • Jan: Most GTL programs held during the last three weeks.
  • Feb: Students attend a mandatory reentry session upon return.

Application Instructions - How to Apply

  • Review MISTI program websites for detailed information on GTL in your countries of interest. Click on the Global Teaching Labs Tab under Program Opportunities.
  • Complete the MIT GTL Application on the MISTI Portal.
  • MISTI will contact you if you’re selected for an interview.


Apply Here

Contact misti [at] mit.edu with any questions.

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