Germany offers a world-renowned system of education, policy-driven support of innovation and technology, and a culture of combining theoretical and practical experience. Each year 80-100 MIT students work with our partners in Germany. Projects are hands-on and student contributions can lead to patents, publications, and new technologies.

Program Opportunities


MISTI’s award-winning international internship program provides a one-of-a-kind, world-class experience for MIT students: the opportunity to gain real-life work experience in leading companies and labs around the world. Best of all, all expenses are paid, including airfare.

MIT-Germany connects students with top research and industry partners in Germany.


  • Mandatory pre-departure training
  • Minimum GPA of 4.0
  • 1 letter of recommendation
  • Relevant experience (completed UROPs, internships, etc.)
  • Culture & Language courses
  • Mandatory pre-departure training
  • Two semesters or equivalent of German language, four semesters recommended (if unable to fulfill this requirement, please contact the program manager to discuss options)

17.561 European Politics

21G.405 Intermediate German: Intensive Study of Language and Culture

21G.058/21G.418/21A.132[J] Race and Migration in Europe

17.401 History of International Politics in the Modern World

21H.141 Renaissance to Revolution: Europe, 1300-1800

21G.055/CMS.311 Media in Weimar and Nazi Germany

21G.409 Advanced German: Visual Arts, Media, Creative Expression

21G.410 Advanced German: Communication for Professionals

21G.412 Advanced German: Literature and Culture

21G.414 German Culture, Media, and Society

21G.415 Germany and Its European Context

21G.416 20th- and 21st-Century German Literature

21G.417 Intermediate German: Intensive Study of Language and Culture

21G.420 Visual Histories: German Cinema 1945 to Present

STS.042/8.225 Einstein, Oppenheimer, Feynman: Physics in the 20th Century

21G.019 Communicating Across Cultures

21H.143[J] The "Making" of Modern Europe: 1789-Present

21H.133 The Medieval World

17.156 Welfare and Capitalism in Western Europe

17.389 Education, Inequality, and Politics

The following is a general schedule for our program:

  • Informational meetings are available year-round. Contact program lead to schedule.
  • Complete the MISTI Launchpad Application – By December 1st, rolling thereafter until March 15th
  • Schedule official Interview with Country Program Manager – September to March 15th (Schedule interview as soon as MISTI Launchpad Application is complete)
  • Commit to MIT-Germany Program – Latest By March 21st
  • Once approved, complete the County-Specific Application – April 1 at the absolute latest.
  • Internship matching process – September to April 15, rolling thereafter. 
  • Mandatory Pre-Departure Sessions – Mid-April to Late May
  • September 1 – Complete report

How to Apply

Global Teaching Labs

Learn through teaching. GTL challenges MIT students to synthesize and present what they know, work in a team, and communicate with peers of a different cultural background, all while sharing MIT's unique approach to science and engineering education with high school students around the world. GTLs are often thematic and offered in several country options per IAP.

A unique opportunity for students to teach STEM subjects in German high schools during the January IAP term. This year's program will be from January 8 - 26, 2024. 

All students stay with host families connected to their schools and receive a stipend to cover travel and additional expenses. 

All students are paired, so each school hosts two students, with some cities having multiple schools. Locations are all over Germany, including Bremen, Luebeck, Cologne, Stuttgart, Friedrichshafen, and Regensburg.  

All instruction is in English and German is not required. However, placement preference is given to students who have taken or are taking German and are interested in a future internship in Germany. 

We plan to place 30-34 students to Germany over IAP 2024. 

Students can expect to teach for 10 hours/week, with more time at the school for class preparation and non-teaching activities. 

Students of all STEM courses are encourage to apply, with high demand for chemistry and biology subjects.

We have a special GTL partnership programs with two universities: 

  • University of Stuttgart: six MIT students are each paired with Uni Stuttgart "buddies," who are young university students in training to be teachers. They are involved in activities both at the schools and the university, and there is a special social program hosted by the university. After GTL, the Stuttgart "buddies" come to MIT in March for a special workshop hosted by MISTI and the Edgerton Center, which the MIT students are invited to attend. 
  • University of Regensburg: six MIT students are each paired with Uni Regensburg "buddies," who are young university students in training to be teachers, along with university faculty members for teaching chemistry and biology. The university hosts special workshops for the MIT students and their buddies, and is closely involved with the three participating high schools. Many social activities are also included. 
  • Please note that there are special summer research internships available in Stuttgart and Regensburg -- please inquire if interested!


  • Minimum GPA of 4.0
  • Teaching experience and strong interest in education
  • Interview
  • Mandatory pre-departure preparation
  • Oct: Pre-selected students are invited to interview shortly after application deadline.
  • Nov - Dec: Students selected to participate will attend pre-departure trainings.
  • Jan: Most GTL programs take place during the last three weeks.
  • Feb: Students attend a mandatory re-entry session upon return.

How to Apply

Global Startup Labs

Through Global Startup Labs (GSL), MIT student teams teach app development and entrepreneurship among budding university students around the world.

MIT-Germany teams lead technology entrepreneurship workshops in collaboration with the University of Regensburg.

  • GSL Application
  • Interview
  • Minimum GPA of 4.0
  • Mandatory Pre-Departure preparation
  • Encouraged to attend all MIT-Africa Forum events.
  • Familiarity with entrepreneurship and/or engineering teaching methodologies 


Study Abroad

In collaboration with the MIT Global Education Office and German Language Department, MISTI advises students about the best exchange programs based on their interest and skills.


Discover additional opportunities to research and study in Germany. Open to undergrads, grad students, postdocs, faculty, and more.

More Information

More information for the 2021-2022 application cycle.

Global Seed Funds for MIT-Germany

Photo of University of Stuttgart campus

MISTI's Global Seed Funds program supports MIT's global engagement by promoting collaborations between MIT faculty and researchers and their counterparts abroad.

Meet Your Program Manager

Headshot of Justin Leahey

Get in touch with Justin Leahey, Managing Director for MIT-Germany, for more information.