The global challenges humanity faces have never been more acute

MIT is fiercely committed to empowering students and faculty to work with others to learn about and solve the world’s most complex problems. As MIT’s hub for global experiences, MISTI provides the global learning and collaboration opportunities that give our students and faculty the perspective they need to make positive change happen in the world. A MISTI student's experience abroad is so much more than just an internship. These unique MIT-caliber experiences expand students’ worldviews and provide the foundation from which they will come to understand their own potential for impact in the world.

MISTI Impact Areas

Working in key areas such as climate and sustainability, global health, artificial intelligence, and social impact, MISTI students apply technical skills and knowledge while collaborating with peers in a language and culture different from their own.

wind turbines and solar panels
Students looking at water plants in Netherlands

Climate & Sustainability

Of the time-sensitive issues facing the world today, it is most critical to address the planet’s new climate reality and dwindling natural resources before it is too late.

Medical lab with microscope
Mexico medical intern

Global Health

The pandemic has unquestionably illustrated the impact of global interconnection and the necessity to collaborate across borders to develop innovative medical devices, novel treatments, and proactive public health policies.

robot and computer
Robotics and Student in MIT Shirt

Artificial Intelligence

AI tools have the power to reshape the world on every level, and realizing their full potential requires mobilizing a broad range of disciplines.

MISTI math major global teaching internship
host and student

Social Impact

Addressing the socioeconomic and environmental practices that disadvantage communities is a global imperative that engages all disciplines.

Damian Barabonkov in Georgia, 2018

EECS sophomore teaches robotics in Tbilisi, Georgia

As a sophomore, Damian Barabonkov (EECS ’22) taught robotics in Tbilisi -- the city often called "the heart of the Caucasus" -- as part of the first MISTI Eurasia Global Teaching Labs (GTL) program in Georgia in 2018.

Anna Haddad

Improving healthcare for communities in need

Anna Haddad (Mechanical Engineering '23) interned at the National Innovation Centre (NIC) Nepal in Kathmandu, Nepal!

GT research

Research on impacts of electric vehicles in Spain

Graham Turk interned in Madrid, Spain and conducted research on the impacts of electric vehicle and heat pump adoption on the electricity grid.

Students in Bamboo

MISTI programs realize the imperative to develop globally competent leadership capable of solving today's global challenges. By funding MISTI student experiences, you are supporting our students on their path to being those leaders in our four key impact areas: Climate & Sustainability, Global Health; Artificial Intelligence; and Social Impact.