Aiding a climate in crisis

Of the time-sensitive issues facing the world today, it is most critical to address the planet’s new climate reality and dwindling natural resources before it is too late. Driven by this urgency to translate their academic work into impact, MISTI students gain direct experience tackling these issues on a global scale. Working with our international partners on projects from designing sustainable cities to developing fog-harvesting technology that provides clean water, students contribute to solutions commensurate with the scale of these challenges.

Santiago Reyes Internship in Mumbai

Student Story: Santiago Fernandez Reyes

Santiago Fernandez Reyes explores sustainable cities with World Resources Institute in Mumbai, India

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MISTI Activities and Greenhouse Gas Emmissions

MISTI’s mission is to empower MIT students and faculty to advance knowledge and solve the world’s great challenges.

Manya Ranjan SM ‘10 of Sterlite Power and the MISTI Career Conversations: Energy cohort


MISTI pilots conversations in energy

Become a MISTI partner

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From hosting a student at your organization to funding an opportunity directly, you can help MISTI make an impact!

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Funds can be focused on a specific impact area; Artificial Intelligence, Climate and Sustainability, Global Health, and Social Impact; or cross-impact area.


  • A $10,000 gift would create an opportunity for at least one student.
  • A $100,000 gift would create opportunities for at least ten students.
  • A major gift commitment of $500,000 over five years would fund ten students per year for five years.

Global Classroom (Faculty-Led Programs):

  • A $50,000 gift would enable us to fund at least 1 program for 10 students.
  • A $250,000 gift would enable us to fund at least 5 faculty-led projects for 50 students.

Reviving the Great Barrier Reef

Three students on a boat in Australia