Leveraging technology to make an impact

AI tools have the power to reshape the world on every level, and realizing their full potential requires mobilizing a broad range of disciplines. Determining how technology can best serve, support, and care for society in a hyper-connected world requires global insight. MISTI students combine technical skills acquired on campus with a tenacious desire to comprehend the full implications of innovation to address the challenges and opportunities of the computing age. With students from all five schools tackling projects ranging from researching machine learning algorithms that allow autonomous drones to “think” to employing predictive analytics that optimize robot maintenance, MIT is able to explore new approaches for ethical AI with urgency.


Alexis Vivar posing next to a robotic arm

Student Story: Alexis Vivar

EECS student Alexis Vivar explored Brazil and Machine Learning in factory automation solutions

Benton Wilson in France


Math and computer science major tweaks soccer accelerometer’s algorithms and expands his worldview via MIT-France.

Juan Carlos smiling for the camera while sitting down

Student Story: Juan Carlos

Researching autonomous drone machine learning algorithms in Madrid

Become a MISTI partner

Students working with small robots and laptops

From hosting a student at your organization to funding an opportunity directly, you can help MISTI make an impact!

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Funds can be focused on a specific impact area; Artificial Intelligence, Climate and Sustainability, Global Health, and Social Impact; or cross-impact area.


  • A $10,000 gift would create an opportunity for at least one student.
  • A $100,000 gift would create opportunities for at least ten students.
  • A major gift commitment of $500,000 over five years would fund ten students per year for five years.

Global Classroom (Faculty-Led Programs):

  • A $50,000 gift would enable us to fund at least 1 program for 10 students.
  • A $250,000 gift would enable us to fund at least 5 faculty-led projects for 50 students.

Decoding Language Barriers

Virginia in a meeting in china