In response to Russia’s catastrophic full-scale invasion of Ukraine, MIT has launched a comprehensive MIT-Ukraine Program to serve as a hub for MIT’s innovative technological and humanitarian responses. Through it, MIT mobilizes students, faculty and staff to participate in global efforts to preserve and rebuild Ukraine.  

One of the key ways in which MIT activates its talent in support of Ukraine is through MISTI internships. These internships are aimed at completing hands-on projects for the Ukrainian government, NGOs and business enterprises, or for organizations that are located outside of Ukraine but are focused on Ukraine’s development, refugee support and reconstruction. While MIT students are currently not allowed to travel to Ukraine for safety reasons, MIT-Ukraine internships take place either remotely or in other European countries. In summer 2023, MIT-Ukraine interns traveled to Serbia, Poland, Switzerland and Spain. There are multiple other opportunities available in summer 2024, both virtually and abroad, including in Poland, Finland, France and Spain.

Please see more detailed information below, or email MIT-Ukraine Program Manager, svitkras [at] (Svitlana Krasynska), if you have any questions or want to share ideas. 

Internship Opportunities


MIT-Ukraine matches MIT students with internships and research opportunities at governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, business firms, and universities in Ukraine, as well as at organizations working on Ukraine-focused projects outside of Ukraine. Internships last around 4 weeks over IAP and 8-12 weeks during the summer.  MIT-Ukraine covers the cost of travel and living expenses for internships that require international travel, and provides an hourly stipend for remote internships.

Past Internships

MIT-Ukraine has organized 15 internships this summer for students across a range of disciplines to support critical needs in Ukraine:

Three students, including seasoned US veterans and reservists, are working with the Poland office of Kyiv Engineering Corps in Warsaw on optimizing aid distribution logistics to the Ukrainian front-line zones. The project aims at making delivery of critical supplies more efficient and timely, thus saving more lives and alleviating suffering.

One student is working on a research project in Belgrade, Serbia, that aims to identify issues faced by Ukrainian refugees in Europe. Europe is currently sheltering millions of Ukrainian refugees, and this project will record their unique experiences and critical needs.

One student is working remotely with the Kyiv School of Economics on a project that aims to identify success strategies employed by prominent Ukrainian businesses in the context of war and create an online support program for Ukrainian businesses. Another student is working with MIT faculty and other Ukrainian and international experts on developing funding strategies for Ukraine’s post-war economic recovery.

Two architecture students are working with two different community-based organizations in Ukraine that design and build housing for families who have lost their homes due to Russian shelling. One intern works with an organization that repurposes used and imperfect materials sources from different European countries to refurbish abandoned dorms for IDP housing. The other student is working with an organization that is designing a brand-new 15,000-unit housing community.

One student is working to complete an online platform for displaced Ukrainian scientists. The platform aims at creating a research community and a network of support for the Ukrainian scholars around the world.

2024 Opportunities

  • Co-Haty (organization that repurposes used and imperfect materials sourced from different European countries to refurbish abandoned dorms for IDP housing): summer 2024 remote internship (or a European location TBD), working on various projects
  • Building from the Heart (organization designing a brand-new 15,000-unit housing community): virtual summer 2024 internship or UROP 2023-2024
  • ReThink Ukraine: spring UROP/summer MISTI internship (virtual) involving a research and design project focused on reusing available materials from destroyed, damaged, or abandoned buildings for the reconstruction of a Ukrainian city damaged by war
  • U.S. State Department’s Diplomacy Lab: summer MISTI internship/fall UROP participating in a cross-departmental collaboration to create a reconstruction plan for a Ukrainian city significantly damaged by the war
  • Neo-Eco: spring UROP/summer MISTI internship (virtual/France) for a low-carbon cement project in a Ukrainian city for a material engineering student

SaferGlobe (peace building organization): summer 2024 internship in Helsinki, Finland, to work on various projects, including developing peace-building technologies

  • Ukrainian House (support for Ukrainian refugees): summer 2024 internship in Warsaw, Poland, to work on various projects pertaining to Ukrainian refugees living in Poland
  • EuroMaidan Warsaw (advocacy and support for internally displaced in Ukraine): summer 2024 internship in Warsaw, Poland, to support organizational activities, including research and development
  • Global Teaching Lab: winter 2024, a 3-4 week teaching internship, providing in-classroom instruction in various subjects (English, math, technology, leadership) to Ukrainian refugee teenagers
  • Ukrainian Leadership and Technology Academy (ULTA): mentoring Ukrainian students throughout 2023-2024 academic year in taking online courses at MIT + implementing an in-person summer camp for Ukrainian teens in Barcelona, Spain, in the summer 2024
  • Possible research assistance with MIT Sloan School faculty and Ukrainian and international experts on a project developing funding strategies for Ukraine’s post-war economic recovery
  • OxUA (Ukrainian business accelerator at Oxford University): summer 2024 internship to support the development of Ukrainian businesses


Please contact MISTI Ukraine Program Manager Svitlana Krasynska for more information.

If you are taking a class in the fall or spring with an applied project component that you think might benefit a Ukrainian cause, please contact us to discuss!

How to Apply

Applications for Summer 2024 can be found on the MISTI Portal. First, begin by filling out your Launchpad Application and meeting with the Program Coordinator by November 1. 

How to Apply

  • GPA 4.0 or higher
  • Interest in Ukraine


  • There is no language requirement.


  • None required. Please see below for recommended courses

Program expenses, including airfare, visa, accommodation, and a stipend, are covered.

  1. Complete the MISTI Launchpad Application – by December 1 (early deadline for summer) or February 20 (late deadline for summer)
  2. Interview with Country Program Manager – rolling (as soon as student completes MISTI Launchpad Application and contacts MIT-Ukraine Program Manager)
  3. Commit to MIT-Ukraine Program – rolling (within two weeks after student receives placement offer from MIT-Ukraine)
  4. Internship matching process – rolling (after interview with MIT-Ukraine Program Manager)
  5. Mandatory Pre-Departure Sessions – March to May

How to Apply

We work closely with students to find a tailored project that matches their skills and interests. Participating students are required to attend one or two training sessions before traveling to the country.

21G.S08 Introduction to Ukrainian Language and Culture

Offered: IAP 2023, January 9-27 (3 hours daily)​

Master the foundations of the Ukrainian language (alphabet, reading rules, basic conversational topics). Explore Ukrainian culture, history, national identity, art, and traditions (discussions in English).

Meet Your Program Manager

Svitlana Krasynska

Get in touch with Svitlana Krasynska, Program Director for MIT-Ukraine, to get your questions answered.