Experience Spain’s engineering and science culture first-hand. Opportunities include paid internships at companies, research institutes and universities as well as opportunities to teach STEM subjects in English at Spanish high schools over IAP. A Spanish internship will be instrumental in your professional and personal development. Exposure to additional cultures, thought processes and global networks will have long lasting effects on your international and/or domestic career.

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  • Home to some of the top research institutions and universities in Europe
  • Ranks 16th in the global energy sustainability index
  • Main industries include manufacturing, agriculture, energy and electricity
  • Companies such as INDITEX, REPSOL, Santander have roots in Spain
  • Tapas and siestas
  • Work-life balance is extremely important
  • Spanish is the 4th most commonly spoken language across the globe
  • Ranked among the world's most innovative countries
  • The world's leading producer of olive oil

“The overall internship was a success. The commitment and work of the student was excellent and he worked and learnt up to the highest standards. This has been a very satisfactory experience from all sides.” - Núria López, Professor at ICIQ (Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia)


“MIT Spain Program connects companies and students in order to create ties and achieve a mutual learning. Having another point of view and seeing other working methods allow the members of the company to grow, not just professionally but personally. It´s a very rewarding experience.” - Ana Gil Rey, Head of Sustainability at Milbrait Asesores


“The Spanish students that participate in the MIT-Spain program gain valuable impact on their personal and educational background. It helps them to grow and improve in their global competencies. They get to know the possibilities and to learn from one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Having an MIT student in the class, online or physically, gives our students and teachers the opportunity to understand hands-on methodologies, new ways of learning, and innovation practices that they wouldn't know without the chance to participate in these projects.” - Raquel Fernández, Head of International Programs at Fundació Tr@ms í


“I think the program is superbly managed and offering excellent candidates. We are happy to continue to support the program for our side, with our limited resources as a start up.” - Carlos Casanovas, CTO – Founder of X1Wind




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In July, MIT-Spain virtually celebrated with an Army vet who annually runs with the bulls!