Why Portugal?

  • Portugal is a strong innovator within Europe
  • The country is ranked the fourth greenest country in the EUC across six categories (waste, energy, greenhouse gases, air quality, fresh water and natural land)
  • The Portuguese tend to value flexibility and adaptability and value work-life balance
  • The top three industries are agriculture, manufacturing, and services
  • Home to the oldest bookstore in the world
  • The higher education system and research institutions are highly ranked and respected around the globe

Program Opportunities

MIT-Portugal matches MIT students with internships at leading companies, research labs, and universities in Portugal. These opportunities are usually 8-12 weeks for the summer depending on the host and are available year-round for up to 12 months. Per MISTI’s mission, they are set up to be cost-neutral in order to allow as many participants as possible to gain this unique professional and personal development.

    • GPA 4.0 or better
    • One recommendation letter
    • Relevant experience (UROPs, internships, etc.)
    • Undergraduates:
  • ~Portuguese II or equivalent proficiency

    ~One class on Portuguese culture, history or society is recommended

    • Graduate students:
  • ~No language requirement; knowledge of Portuguese preferred  

    ~Culture class recommended

    • Check out the MIT Global Languages website for course availability and offerings http://mitgsl.mit.edu/academics/portuguese-studies
    • Eligibility: Open to MIT undergrads, graduating seniors and graduate students in all disciplines that meet program requirements.

Accepted students will receive a basic living stipend for airfare, food, and accommodation.

  • Complete the MISTI Launchpad Application – December 1
  • Interview with Country Program Manager – October to February (as soon as MISTI Launchpad Application is complete)
  • Commit to MIT-Portugal Program – By February 1
  • Once approved, complete the County-Specific Application – Deadline set by MIT-Portugal Manager. Country Program Manager begins to explore potential hosts once complete.
  • Internship matching process – January to March
  • Mandatory Pre-Departure Sessions – Late March to early May

How to Apply

Once matched with a host, students must attend MISTI prep & training sessions and a checkout meeting with the program manager. The mandatory training sessions will address topics in Portuguese culture and society, as well as practical information about living in Portugal, and will be held during the spring semester. There will also be some materials and resources to review on Canvas.

Meet Your Program Manager

Alicia Goldstein Raun Photo

Get in touch with Alicia Goldstein-Raun, Managing Director for MIT-Portugal, to get your questions answered.