G’day! Kia Ora! Australia and New Zealand are top performing nations from health to wealth, ease of doing business, and educational attainment. With strong links to the fastest-growing region in the world — the Asia-Pacific — Australia’s and New Zealand’s economies are set to prosper well into the future.

Established as a pilot program in 2016, MIT-Australia & New Zealand sends a select number of MIT students on internships to ANZ labs and companies each year.  MIT-ANZ is looking to establish industry and research partnerships that span the Asia Pacific and world.  

With business hours that cover the afternoon on the U.S. west coast, much of Asia’s business day, and the morning in Europe, Down Under is well positioned to work effectively across the globe.  

See MIT-Australia & New Zealand Newsletter for full range of student internship and faculty seed fund projects to date.

MISTI Australia Great Barrier Reef Initiative!    

Reef Intern Profiles: Madison Pickett and Sierra Rosenzweig

See our MISTI Great Barrier Reef Video

Underwater Robotics in Sydney:   Zachary Duguid    

Medical Research in Sydney:   Candace Tong-Li


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