With the fifth-largest economy in the world, France is home to thriving aerospace, nuclear, chemicals, ICT and pharmaceutical industries.

France's innovation clusters bring together world-class engineering schools and research centers with start-ups and global companies.

Each year through the MIT-France program, over 80 MIT students intern and conduct research in French companies and labs. The MIT-France Seed Fund facilitates dozens of research collaborations between MIT faculty and their French counterparts. Our partners are leading French companies, universities and research organizations.

Program Opportunities


MISTI’s award-winning international internship program provides a one-of-a-kind, world-class experience for MIT students: the opportunity to gain real-life work experience in leading companies and labs around the world. Best of all, all expenses are paid, including airfare.

MIT-France matches students with internships and research at leading companies, research labs and universities in France. Internships last from 3 to 6 months and are all-expenses paid.

Open to all MIT undergrads, graduating seniors and graduate students in all disciplines. 

  • GPA 4.0 or better
  • Language
    • Undergraduate students: French IV or equivalent proficiency
    • Graduate students: No language requirement, basic French strongly recommended
  • Prerequisites
    • Undergraduate students: One class on French culture, history or society
    • Graduate students: No prerequisites
  • Mandatory Pre-Departure Preparation

Most MISTI internships take place over 10-12 weeks during the summer. However, internships are available year-round for up to 6 months. 

  • Informational meetings are available year-round. Contact Program Manager to schedule.
  • Complete the MISTI Launchpad Application – November 1st
  • Schedule official Interview with Country Program Manager – October to January (schedule interview as soon as MISTI Launchpad Application is complete)
  • Select & commit to the MIT-France Program – By February 1st
  • Complete the Country-Specific Application – Deadline set by MIT-France Manager. Country Program Manager begins to explore potential hosts once complete.
  • Internship matching process – January to March
  • Mandatory Pre-Departure Sessions – Early April to Early May
  • September 1 – Complete evaluation

How to Apply

Once matched with a host, students must attend MISTI prep & training sessions and a checkout meeting with the Program Manager. 

Program expenses covered (includes airfare and a stipend to cover food and accommodation). 

Global Teaching Labs

Through MIT-France, students are matched with middle school & high school hosts for three weeks in January. Students must prepare tailored courses on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects that complement the French school's curriculum. MIT students are assigned in pairs to teach dynamic, hands-on classroom activities. 

The French curriculum is the same throughout every region and province. However, some schools have access to better resources than others. The MIT-France GTL program partners with schools in areas that have a majority of low socio-economic backgrounds. This program is a way to show local students that scientists, mathematicians, innovators, etc. look just like them. This is an excellent opportunity for MIT students to inspire others to study science, while remembering why they are passionate about their own studies. All participants, both French and from MIT, gain a wonderful exposure to other cultures and identities.

  • GPA of 4.0 or better
  • French III or equivalent proficiency
  • Interview
  • Mandatory Pre-Departure Preparation
  • October: Apply via general MISTI GTL application. Shortly after application deadline, interview with Program Manager (including demonstration of lesson plan taught in French). Confirm placement within 48 hours of offer. 
  • November - December: Students selected to participate will attend pre-departure trainings.
  • January: Most GTL programs take place during the last three weeks.
  • February: Students attend a mandatory re-entry session upon return.

How to Apply

  • One month housing stipend provided
  • Travel stipend available
  • Food stipend available
  • Local transportation card provided by host
  • Housing deposit required (paid by student)

Study Abroad at Sciences Po - Paris, France

As part of an exchange program, students from partner universities can take courses at the Sciences Po Undergraduate College on one of the university’s seven campuses. For one or two semesters, they are fully integrated into the Sciences Po student body.


Exchange open to all majors. Applicants for the exchange need to be:

  • Have a GPA of 4.3 or above
  • In good academic standing
  • In good judicial standing
  • Up to date with the Communication Requirement
  • Up to date with HASS courses


Please visit the MISTI Study Abroad web page to find all necessary information about this exchange: https://misti.mit.edu/student-programs/study-abroad


  1. Apply for MIT exchange for the term you wish to study. Go to the MISTI Portal, find your program, and apply before the deadline.
  2. MISTI will be in touch regarding an interview with the applicable MISTI Program Manager and major department.

How to Apply

Financial Aid:

Financial aid can be used to study abroad during academic terms. Awards will be adjusted based on expenses such as airfare, living expenses, and local tuition costs. Students should meet with their financial aid counselor and a MISTI Program Manager at least one term before they go abroad to start planning how aid will be affected. MISTI and Student Financial Services will work together to gather and verify cost information . Based on this information, financial aid counselors will advise students on their adjusted financial aid packages and process any refunds accordingly.


Click here to learn more about external study abroad scholarships.

Global Seed Funds for MIT-France

MISTI's Global Seed Funds program supports MIT's global engagement by promoting collaborations between MIT faculty and researchers and their counterparts abroad.

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MIT-France Seed Fund

The MIT-France Seed Fund supports new collaborations between faculty and research scientists at MIT and their counterparts in France.

Meet Your Program Manager

Picture of Candi Deblay

Get in touch with Candi Deblay, MIT-France Program Manager, to explore your options.