Americas Quarterly / This Week in Brazil
“A podcast focused on Brazilian politics and economics hosted by Brian Winter, editor-in-chief of Americas Quarterly magazine and vice president of Americas Society / Council of the Americas.”
Carioca Connection: Brazilian Portuguese Conversation
"Carioca Connection uses natural conversation to improve your Brazilian Portuguese."

NPR / Fresh Air
August 25, 2017: “Celebrating 30 Years of ‘Fresh Air’: Brazilian Composer Antônio Carlos Jobim” (~18 min). “In 1988, Terry Gross spoke with Jobim, who wrote ‘The Girl from Ipanema,’ one of the songs that started the Bossa Nova craze in the United States. Jobim died in 1994.”​
NPR / Latino USA
November 26, 2014: “Gay in Gaúcho Country” (~10 min). “Gaucho culture, Brazil’s “cowboy” aesthetic equivalent with a stronghold in the southern part of the country, is rooted in masculinity. So it didn’t come as much surprise when reactions were mixed to a lesbian couple’s marriage in the city of Santana do Livramento, near the Uruguayan border. One year after Brazil legalized same-sex marriage, reporter Alexandra Hall tells us how Sabriny Benites and Solange Ramirez are challenging traditional norms.”​
NPR / Planet Money
October 1, 2010: “How Four Drinking Buddies Saved Brazil” (21 min). “Two decades ago, shoppers in Brazil would run ahead of the worker who raised prices every day. Inflation was crazy. Today on the show: How four economists – who were also drinking buddies – fixed it.”
NPR / Rough Translation
August 14, 2017: “Brazil In Black and White” (32 min). “Two radically different ways of seeing race come into sudden conflict in Brazil, provoking a national conversation about who is Black? And who is not Black enough?”​
NPR Music / Alt.Latino
February 21, 2017: “Get to Know Afro-Brazilian Music with this Alt.Latino Mixtape” (39 min). “Continue celebrating Black History Month with a dive into the vibrant world of Afro-Brazilian music, including hip-hop, funk, soul and jazz.”
PRI / Living on Earth
December 3, 2014: “This Brazilian City is an example of how small changes can make a difference” (~10 min). “Curitiba, the eighth largest metropolis in Brazil and the capital of the state of Paraná, has been called the “best-planned city in the world.” Much of the credit goes to Jaime Lerner, a charismatic architect, urban planner and a former mayor of Curitiba.”