MIT-Denmark connects the MIT community with the Kingdom of Denmark to learn from and contribute to Danish innovation and functionality.

Known as the happiest country in the world, Denmark is a country where members of the MIT community can discover a new way of thinking. This program brings together the greatest minds of MIT with Danish innovators in the fields of life science, sustainability, and technology, among others. MIT students and faculty have the opportunity to make their mark in the tiny country with big ideas, and bring some of Denmark back with them to Cambridge. 

As MISTI’s newest program, MIT-Denmark is opening doors for strong collaboration between MIT and Denmark. In addition to sending MIT students and faculty to Denmark for internship and research opportunities, the program raises awareness of Denmark within the MIT community. After rigorous preparation in the form of a training on Danish culture and worklife, as well as in-country experience in Denmark, students return to MIT's campus with new perspectives on Denmark and what it means to be a global citizen.

Companies and research institutions have the opportunity to host MIT students as full-time interns from 3 to 12 months across industries, regions, and organization size. Popular fields of interest include the "techs" (gametech, healthtech, cleantech, foodtech, etc.), IT, consulting, design, sustainability, and engineering, among others. Students are matched with host institutions based on the interests and needs of both parties. The aim is to provide MIT students with a unique insight into Denmark and Danish culture by contributing to meaningful work as an intern or researcher, as well as allow Danish companies to work with MIT students. 



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The Danish Industry Foundation (Industriens Fond) serves as the co-founding partner of the MIT-Denmark program.
The Confederation of Danish Industry (Dansk Industri) serves as the co-founding partner of the MIT-Denmark program.