Connecting students and faculty with teaching, research and industry in Brazil.

Student Engagement

Brazil is the fifth most populous country, the ninth largest economy in the world, and is endowed with a vast territory and abundant natural resources. Brazil’s export-oriented economy is grounded in a well-developed agricultural sector, as well as in manufacturing. The country has strong aerospace, pharmaceutical, and information technology industries, an exceptionally balanced energy matrix and is ideal environment for promoting MIT’s tradition of mens et manus, allowing students to bridge the divide between theory and practice while gaining experience in the field. 

Every year approx 50 MIT grad and undergrad students go to Brazil through the program. They intern with Brazilian companies and non-profit organizations, conduct research at local universities and think tanks, and participate in faculty-led workshops. They learn about Brazil, develop ties with supervisors and colleagues, gain first-hand, practical experience and their contributions may lead to patents, publications, and new technologies. MIT students also have the opportunity to participate in MIT Global Teaching Labs program in Brazil, where they work together with Brazilian hosts to run STEAM and entrepreneurship workshops for local high school students. The MIT-Brazil Program also runs the MIT Global Startup Labs, a student-led entrepreneurship boot camp in Brazil. We've had two successful editions so far, one in June-August 2017 and the second in 2018. We are planning a third edition for 2020.

Faculty Connections

Brazil Seed Funds facilitate research collaborations between MIT faculty and their Brazilian counterparts.

Launched in 2010, the MIT-Brazil Seed Funds have selected 80 projects, submitted by MIT researchers with partners throughout Brazil. Seed funded projects have led to larger scale grant support with the NIH, CNPq, FINEP, peer-reviewed publications and increased the number of visiting PhDs and post-doc exchanges.

There are two new MIT-Brazil Seed Funds:

  • MIT-Brazil Lemann Seed Fund, launched in fall 2015, will award two projects annually. Projects should be focused on education in Brazil, including education policy, educational technology, educational reform, and entrepreneurship and innovation in education.
  • MIT-Brazil TVML Seed Fund was launched in 2016 and promotes and supports early-stage collaboration between MIT, Insper College and Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein in São Paulo, Brazil.

Open to all parts of MIT, the MIT-Brazil Seed Funds aim to help develop or deepen partnerships and promote student participation.

Brazilian Industry and Research

Working with a robust and diverse portfolio, the program has contacts with dozens of partners in many parts of the country. While most organizations are interested in hosting MIT students for summer internships, teaching programs or recruiting for longer projects, other partners are interested in strengthening their presence at MIT and connecting with faculty and researchers on campus.


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