Israeli innovations and the “Start-Up Nation” have shaped our lives in the 21st century. Israel provides a unique and outstanding experience for MIT students who are looking for an environment which is equally exciting as their internship or research work.

Student Engagement

The MIT-Israel program matches MIT students with tailored, intensive internship and teaching opportunities across Israel. The program provides an opportunity to experience the culture of innovation, ingenuity and teamwork of "Start-Up Nation's" technology, business, and culture. MIT-Israel prepares students with cross-cultural and targeted training to adapt to Israel's unique culture while taking enormous talent, fresh ideas, and MIT's hands-on, entrepreneurial culture to world-class universities, research institutions, start-ups, and companies across Israel.

In collaboration with the MIT Sloan School of Management Action Learning Labs, Israel Lab student teams partner with Israeli host organizations to work on complex problems in critical areas, which includes a trip to Israel during January.

Faculty Connections

The Israel Seed Funds facilitate early-stage research collaborations between MIT faculty and their Israeli counterparts.

Launched in 2014 and 2015, the The MIT-Israel – Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Seed Fund and the MIT-Israel Seed Fund are open to all disciplines and aim to deepen research partnerships. Many joint projects lead to additional grant awards and the development of valuable long-term relationships between international researchers and MIT faculty and students.

Israeli Industry and Research

MIT-Israel works with hundreds of companies, start-ups, and labs across the country. While most organizations are interested in hosting MIT students for summer internships, teaching programs, or recruiting for longer projects, other partners are interested in strengthening their presence at MIT and connecting with faculty and researchers on campus.

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