The rise of young, tech-entrepreneurs in today’s developing nations creates a new world of opportunities for global business and new hope for finding solutions to pressing social and economic challenges.

The market is starving for home-grown content and services, but culture and structures that catalyze and nurture entrepreneurship are missing. Therefore MIT Global Startup Labs was founded with the mission to cultivate, support and empower a generation of young tech-entrepreneurs in emerging nations.

Since MIT Global Startup Labs’ first Kenya 2000 program MIT Global Startup Labs has grown to:

  • MIT Global Startup Labs has operated 43 programs in multiple sites in fifteen countries
  • 150 MIT Global Startup Labs instructors have mentored over 2000 participants
  • An average of 76% of MIT Global Startup Labs participant-graduates have either registered their own start-up or plan to in the near future

The program is offered in the following locations this academic year:

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