Associate Director

Managing Director, MISTI Programs in the Middle East

ddolev [at]  -  (617) 324-5581

David Dolev is Associate Director of MISTI and founding and current Managing Director of MISTI’s programs in the Middle East. In his role as Associate Director, David coordinates MISTI’s Resource Development and oversaw for close to a decade MISTI’s Global Seed Funds.

As part of his role as Managing Director, he is responsible for developing projects in the Middle East with MIT students, faculty, corporate partners, academic institutions, foundations and government organizations. David also established the first MISTI Global Teaching Labs program in the region, an initiative to bring MIT's unique approach to STEM education to high school and ollege students in the region.

Prior to and during his time at MIT, David launched several for-profit and non-profit social impact ventures and initiatives locally and globally. including the MIT course “Middle East Cross-Border Development and Leadership”.

He has published articles and received awards for his work on intercultural relations, including the MIT Excellence Award for Advancing Inclusion and Global Perspectives.

David has a B.S. in Economics and Management via a joint program of the Open University and Ben-Gurion University and an MJEd from Hebrew College.