MISTI decisions about whether to offer programs abroad are subject to MIT policy and based on whether we determine it is safe and feasible to do so. Because Covid conditions vary widely across the globe, our decisions are made on a location-specific basis.

Students should be aware that, even if programs are currently offered, they may be canceled due to changing pandemic circumstances. Students should check with our country program managers for location-specific information and plans.

MISTI can facilitate international remote opportunities in some circumstances. Students accepted to an in-person program that does not approve travel will have their internships translated to remote whenever possible. Hosts and students engaging in remote internships should follow CAPD's guidelines for remote internships.

No. Students may not independently seek or complete a MISTI-sponsored internship outside of the framework of the MISTI program. If a MISTI internship program is suspended, all MISTI-sponsored travel to that country is canceled.

An internship is considered to be sponsored by MISTI when:

  • MISTI funds are used to cover all or a portion of the internship
  • MISTI introduced the student to the host entity and/or made the placement or
  • The internship was made available to MIT students thanks to a partnership with MISTI

Faculty members and research scientists with active MISTI Global Seed Funds grants may be eligible for an extension on a case by case basis.  Request for extensions may be submitted here.  

For more information, please review the Resources for MIT student travel during Covid-19.