Fischer's Internship at Kongsberg Maritime

A fun and fulfilling experience in Norway

Fischer interned at Kongsberg Maritime while living in Oslo, Norway. His project was to use machine learning to attempt to predict the motion of an ocean vessel as waves on the ocean surface impact it and push it off-course, in order to determine how safe it is for a vessel to do operations where space is tight. 

"I learned a lot about solving problems from multiple fronts. I ping-ponged between reading literature and writing code, eventually approaching a solution. This was a really useful process, and it felt like doing real science."

When not at Kongsberg's offices just outside of Oslo, Fischer spent free time hiking in Norway's stunning nature, and traveling around Scandinavia. 

"Oslo is beautiful! It’s incredibly well-connected by bus and train, and moving between cities is not difficult. I trekked around northwestern Norway, and also took the night bus down to Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Copenhagen."

For Fischer, MISTI was an opportunity to gain professional experience in his majors, Electrical Engineering and Physics, while also getting a unique international experience and working with a cross-cultural team. 

"I got a lot of balance out of the summer: both with work/life balance and also engineering good software as while also understanding real physics was a healthy and rewarding mix!"