Intern Spotlight: Akshit Singla

As our Summer internships draw to a close, we wanted to take some time to feature our incredible students and their work over the Summer. Next up is Graduate Student Akshit Singla (System Design & Management ‘22).

Originally from Chandigarh, India, Akshit sought to study with MIT-India in order to better understand potential challenges with digital interfaces for low-income households. “I had the opportunity to validate my career aspirations (social entrepreneurship) as well as get inspired from a team of highly inspired and passionate individuals in making a positive impact in the world. It boosted my beam of hope for humanity!”

Akshit interned for the Myna Mahila Foundation, a group centered around promoting menstrual health for women in India. “I led the digital transformation initiative for Myna Mahila Foundation,” said Akshit. “Including strategy, product management and project management related activities. It nurtured my confidence in my ability to run a fast-paced organization with individuals who are passionate about the same things as myself.”

Akshit’s advice to those considering studying at MIT-India? “MIT-India is a unique opportunity to explore India’s professional environment as well as culture and hospitality. If you’re considering studying with MIT-India, join with a curious mind to explore & understand a basket of wonderful new perspectives.”

Connect with Akshit on LinkedIn here: