While pursuing his passion in clean transportation, Mateo got to experience the Spanish culture and explore Europe
Mateo played a key role in electric vehicle research

Working with simulations

At INSIA, the Polytechnic University of Madrid’s institute for automotive research, Mateo Mariscal got to play a key role in the institute’s electric vehicle research. Mateo’s work involved using Matlab’s Simulink to interface CarSim and AVL Cruise and co-simulate electric vehicle tests. While validating and modifying the simulation, he was often able to witness the actual vehicle test runs that collected the data he would later use from his own desk. As a result, Mateo was able to better understand the stages of the vehicle testing process and different types of engineers required to conduct tests. “I am very grateful to MISTI and INSIA for allowing me to take on this incredible opportunity. This experience has had a substantial impact on myself and my career.”

Immersion into Spanish and European Culture

Working at INSIA and living in Madrid was also a unique opportunity to learn about Spain’s work environment and general culture, in a way that is unachievable through a vacation. Getting lunch at the institute’s cafeteria every day allowed Mateo to try a wide array of Spanish dishes and get an idea of the kinds of topics on Spanish people’s minds. While renting on a floor shared by students, Mateo got to connect with several other Europeans and learn about their respective cultures. Thanks to the close proximity to major cities and ease of travel in Europe, cultural discovery continued over the weekends when Mateo traveled to Pamplona, Barcelona, Split, Zurich, and Stockholm.

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